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Keynote speaking

Bob's most popular keynote, The Stranger and the Icon, is a compelling presentation that takes audiences through his journey of improbable successes and heart-wrenching failures to ultimately live his dream. This story deeply resonates with audiences as they identify with the roadblocks and life struggles Bob faced as the same ones we all must overcome in life. The keynote concludes with a takeaway of the Three Tools of the Good Life, simple, yet powerful techniques and insights audience members can immediately incorporate into their toolbox for navigating roadblocks, upping their leadership game, building relationships and pursuing goals.

Additional keynotes include:

  • Work Hard, Be Nice and Check Your Map Every Now and Then: an overall roadmap to success and leadership designed for younger audiences
  • The Musician’s Guide to Life and Work: lessons and wisdom gleaned from decades on the road and in the studios, many from noted fellow musicians
  • To Live the Good Life, Write Your Obituary Now: coming in late 2024, a perspective-changing speech and workshop

Workshops and breakout sessions

  • Attitude, Fortitude and Perspectitude™ - the Tools of the Good Life: a companion piece to any of Bob’s keynotes, it also serves as a stand-alone session. It explores a myriad of methods and strategies to activate these essential life tools, guiding participants to create their personalized activations and connections to the Tools of the Good Life.
  • Why Was I Never Told This? The Missing Life Instruction Manual: essentially the wisdom adults collect throughout their lives under the category “If I only knew then what I know now.” Entertaining and insightful for all, but more relevant for younger audiences, the sessions dive deeply into foundational and essential life knowledge in areas such as Change, Failure, Leadership, Goal-Setting, Relationship-Building, Emotional Intelligence, Purpose, Motivation, and Resilience.


On some occasions, a more entertaining, lighter fare is appropriate. Bob has a deep well of experiences that run the gamut from “heartwarming and inspiring" to... "OMG!!!!!” that can be curated for any event or audience.

A sample:

  • Top five amazing shows around the world with Blue Rodeo
  • Hitchhiking from Washington DC to San Diego to surprise an ex. What could go wrong?
  • Celebrity encounters involving yelling, drinking, flirting, cosmic conversations and pirate role-playing
  • The accidental, youthful rolling of cars off cliffs
  • Life-changing conversation with a country superstar
  • The reality of life backstage and on the tour bus
  • Tornados, near-drownings and electrocutions, oh my!
  • Hallucinating during high-level job interviews. What could go wrong?
  • Guns, coercion, smugglers and detention in a communist country. A beginner's guide.


Drawing from his experiences in the corporate, academic, creative and municipal worlds, Bob can craft presentations and build workshops on a wide array of topics for a wide array of audiences.

Let Bob know your specific needs and the building will begin!

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