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Award-winning Hall of Fame musician Bob Egan has certainly taken the path less-travelled. Many of them, actually...

From the farmer’s fields and the blue-collar trades to achieving wealth and acclaim at the top of the corporate ladder before a catastrophic and complete fall from grace left Bob with crippling depression, addiction, bankruptcy and financial ruin. With no hope and no future, a single seething sentence from a homeless stranger begging for spare change literally saved his life.

With a glimmer of hope and the ambition of an underdog, Bob painstakingly re-built and reinvented himself as a ground-breaking entrepreneur before leaving fortune behind to live his childhood dream as a musician with Wilco and Blue Rodeo. Perpetually restless, he stepped back from music to enrich his community through fundraising and creating opportunities for youth before pursuing a passion, decades in the making, as an Inspirational Keynote Speaker.

Option 2

An award-winning musician with a surprising breadth of life and work experiences, Bob brings his master storytelling to the stage to engage, inform and entertain. Best known for his performances and recordings with Wilco, the Tragically Hip and Blue Rodeo, Bob’s rich backstory also includes hard-won success at the top of the corporate ladder, a complete fall from grace and a painful re-building of his life as an entrepreneur before ultimately finding true success in his childhood dream of becoming a musician.

The tales from this wild journey are laden with timeless work and life lessons that listeners will find relevant and inspiring. From his highest highs to his lowest lows, Bob’s experiences and authentic delivery resonate to create relatable moments and memorable takeaways for his audiences.


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Speeches and workshops

Bob Egan is available to book for:

  • Keynote speaking
  • Workshops and breakout sessions
  • Storytelling
  • Customization to fit your audience and event

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Watch the video below to see highlights from Bob's most popular keynote, The Stranger and the Icon.


Bob's speech instantly engaged the audience with his relevant, compelling (and often amusing) stories and anecdotes. The takeaways were extremely meaningful.
Paul Smith
COO and Managing Director, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Bob Egan connects with people of all backgrounds, thanks to his years in front of tens of thousands of fans of Blue Rodeo, but also his uplifting outlook on his own life and what others can do with theirs.
Miro Cerentig
Owner/CEO, CityAge.com
Bob Egan’s message is fascinating to all ages, but for students just starting to chart a course in life, his message is indispensable. The people he’s met, the adventures he’s had, and the philosophies he has drawn from a life fully lived are something you absolutely have to hear.
Kathryn Carter
Full Professor, former Dean and Associate Vice President, Wilfrid Laurier University
Bob’s amazing journey, navigating through the ups and downs of life, ultimately led him to living his dream in the music industry. Sharing his story with passion and humility has made a difference and kept the dream alive for all of us.
Jim Dodd
President and COO, The Zehr Group

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