Bob Egan is returning to his troubadour roots this spring with a three-week tour of British Columbia.  Until his temporary retirement two years ago Bob managed to average fifty shows a year in B.C. between Blue Rodeo commitments.

I just ran out of steam gigging 150 shows a year and needed a break to ground myself and explore other interests.  Those other interests included producing new singer/songwriter Whitney Rose (listen to the results at myspace.com/whitneyrosesongs).  Working with Whitney was a real eye opener for Bob. 

She's fresh and energetic which was a nice contrast to my more jaded nature.  She reminded me of how much I loved writing and performing.  She is also a big fan of my solo work and was relentless at pressuring me to tour just so she could sing my songs.  Thus, the 2009 B.C. tour came to be.

Not satisfied to fall back on the material from his 4 solo records Bob set about writing new music for this tour.  I've always been a fan of harmony and male/female duets so this was a perfect excuse to get creative and write new songs specifically for us to sing.  In addition to this new material Bob and Whitney will be performing songs from both of their records.

After touring B.C. relentlessly for years how will Bob keep this tour interesting?  Well we've got an album's worth of new songs and many of the promoters have ties to local recording studios so we are thinking about enlisting local B.C. talent to make our new record and a documentary on this tour.  It could be a blast!


May 1 2009 Galiano Island, BC The Grand Central
May 2 2009 Brentwood Bay, BC Music in the Bay
May 5 2009 Grand Forks, BC Jogga's Coffee Shop
May 6 2009 Rossland, BC The Old Firehall
May 7 2009 Winlaw, BC Cedar Creek Cafe
May 8 2009 Creston, BC Snoring Sasquatch
May 9 2009 Castlegar, BC House party (E-mail for details)
May 10 2009 Ymir, BC Ymir Schoolhouse
May 11 2009 Christina Lake, BC Jimmy Beans
May 14 2009 Nanaimo, BC House party (E-mail for details)
May 15 2009 Victoria-James Bay House party (E-mail      kaspersongs@hotmail.com for details)
May 16 2009 Victoria, BC The Black Stilt
May 17 2009 Ucluelet, BC Wild Heather Books


The past six months have been fairly uneventful - after retiring from solo touring last November (68 shows last year!) I have been keeping a very low profile.  For the first time in almost 11 years I was able to stay home for an entire month without having to pack my gear and fly to a gig.  It felt great!


My last record came out just about a year ago and had a pretty successful run.  I sold what I expected, got lots of press and as usual learned a lot about the constantly evolving music business.  Internationaly I was quite pleased - the record sold well in Holland, Belgium, Italy and Japan.  Maybe i will have to start touring again.........

Thanks to all the folks at Maple Music, Fontana North Distribution, Carrot Top Records, CDBaby.com and Club de Musique.  Special thanks to Quail's  Gate  Winery (West Bank, BC).  And as always, thanks to you for giving The Glorious Decline a  listen.


Retiring from solo touring has allowed me to stay home and work on my new house.  It  has been months of pure joy stripping  layers of paint from doors, frames, floors, baseboard and windows.  I have spent over forty hours on the staircase alone and I have to say - it looks great. 

The neighborhood old-timers taught me their method of sanding the wood with 3 different grades of sandpaper followed by 2 different grades of steel wool to bring out all the definition and grain.  That is followed by hand-rubbing in a coat of linseed oil, re-sanding and re-steel wooling before the final application of oil.

For me, a hundred year-old house with all the natural wood makes a home that is hard to leave.


Over the months I have continued to record on a number of people's records both in person and over the internet.  It blows my mind that I can get up in the morning and record steel for a Danish band's record while still in my pajamas.  You just gotta love technology.

I have also been totally immersed in recording my instrumental pedal steel records, a long-time passion of mine.  Even though I haven't found the time to paint the walls in my new house I have turned one whole floor into a recording studio and another room into a mixing suite.  I am hard at work recording day and night on this project.  So far 22 songs are at least 50% finished.  That leaves 18 more to compose and record to finish the record.  I will start posting tracks on myspace/bobegan later this summer.


This one is big, but unfortunately I can't tell you about it yet.

Studio Work

I've recently been in the studio with :

- Kat Goldman - She's an old friend making a long-overdue record with Maury Lafoy producing.  A cross between Shawn Colvin and Aimee Mann.

- Shannon Briggs - She is a young country-ish singer that I met backstage after a show.  We recorded in her own warehouse/recording studio in Toronto with Moe Berg from the Pursuit of Happiness producing.

- Melissa Boraski - She's played with the Real Pricillas but is now putting the finishing touches on her first solo record.  Her voice and her songs are real strong so we're just mapping out some auxillary instrumental parts to flesh out the arrangements.

- Romney Getty - She's a world-touring troubadour from Ontario.  I recorded  national steel, some Cuban tres and pedal steel for her new EP at Dan Aiken's incredible converted church studio in Hamilton.  She is on tour in Australia at the moment and won't return until the spring.

- Mike Manville - He's a Vancouver guy who's been playing around for years and has been recording a solo record in Chicago.  I got the songs in the mail recently and am working on them at home on my pro-tools rig.

- Shannon Briggs - She's a county-ish singer from Toronto recording her debut with Moe Berg from The Pursuit of Happiness producing.

- The Great Lake Swimmers - I recently traveled to  the  legendary Gas  Station studio on Toronto Island to record on their 3rd record with Dale Morningstar at the board.  Serena Ryder was there too, singing like an angel and making her debut on autoharp.

- Dave Dycus - He is an old college buddy of mine who moved into my home/studio for a week to record the beds for his new record of intricate fingerpicking guitar.

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